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14. 2. 2023

| Začínáme s exteriéry |

Rough landscaping and preparation for the realization of the terraces are currently underway on the construction site. In the interiors, we are finishing the pouring of anhydrite floors and plasterboard plaster.

17. 1. 2023

| We start with the realization of interiors |

The construction of the Green Village project continues successfully according to the schedule. Work is currently underway mainly in the interiors – grooving for electrical installations, heating and water, gypsum plasters, pouring of anhydrite floors, installation of plasterboards and sewage and water connections.

21. 12. 2022

| Happy New Year! |

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023. Team Real- Treuhand.

15. 11. 2022

| Facades are being implemented |

Look at current photos from the construction. Installation of the contact heating system, installation of roof coverings, gypsum plaster and anhydrite floors is now underway.

13. 10. 2022

| Začínáme s realizací fasád |

Stavba 25 rodinných domů v 2. etapě  úspěšně pokračuje dle harmonogramu. Na domech nyní probíhají tesařské a klempířské práce a zahájili jsme realizaci fasád a sádrových omítek.

31. 8. 2022

| Client alterations |

The construction of Green Village continues successfully according to the schedule, and we would like to inform our clients that there are two last months left when it is possible to use client alternations.

22. 8. 2022

| We are finishing the carpentry work |

Work on roofs, installation of windows, preparation for electrical and preparatory work for interior plastering is now underway.

25. 7. 2022

| We start with the realization of roofs and internal partitions |

Carpentry work, laying of ceiling panels, masonry of internal partitions and implementation of drainage are now underway on the construction site.

7. 7. 2022

| Green Village & Sky Film Festival Cup 2022 |

Real-Treuhand was a traditional partner of the Sky Film Festival Cup 2022. This year there was a stellar cast.

30. 6. 2022

| The masonry of the perimeter walls is in progress |

Take a look at the photos from the construction. The masonry of the perimeter walls, the laying of the ceiling and the implementation of the leaks are currently underway.

10. 6. 2022

| Green Village & Travel Fever Cup 2022 |

We were the general partner of the Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup 2022 golf tournament, which took place at the Royal Golf Club Mariánské lázně. At the clubhouse, it was possible to try out virtual reality and already walk in the upcoming 2nd stage of the Green Village project.

13. 5. 2022

| We are finishing the base plates |

The foundation slabs are currently being completed on the construction site, preparatory work is underway for drainage and waterproofing of the foundations, and we are starting with the masonry of the perimeter walls.

9. 2. 2022

| Construction of the 2nd stage has started |

Take a look at the construction gallery! The 25 family houses that we are preparing for you in the 2nd stage already have excavated foundations.

22. 12. 2021

| Happy New Year! |

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022. Team Real-Treuhand.

18. 5. 2021

| Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup 2021 |

We were the general partner of the Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup 2020 golf tournament, which took place at the Konopiště golf course. From hole No. 17 there is a beautiful view directly on the completed Green Village project, which is already welcoming its new owners.

17. 5. 2021

| Biotope within the project |

The bathing lakes in the Green Village project are not only a pleasant element for summer refreshment, but also form an important biotope. The captured rainwater is drained into the upper lake with a pier and then flows through an ornamental waterfall into the lower lake with a beach. From there, the water is pumped to the so-called root (vegetation) treatment plant, where self-cleaning processes take place absolutely without chemicals. The water treated in this way is then pumped back to the upper lake and the cycle is repeated.

3. 5. 2021

| Focused on detail |

We know that time with the family is the most important thing, which is why we have fine-tuned the family house project to the last detail for you; from mailboxes together with a shelter for waste, through an electrical outlet in a spacious garden house, landscaping and planting plants, to minimalist lighting of the front door and many other details. Take a look at the photos or do not hesitate to make an appointment with our broker on tel .: +420 731 125 516.

2. 4. 2021

| Happy Easter |

We wish all our clients, followers and friends a beautiful and happy Easter.

24. 2. 2021

| 45% sold |

Don’t miss a unique investment opportunity. 45% of family houses are already sold! To move in already in April this year.

13. 1. 2021

| The last finishing works |

The last finishing works in the exterior and interior are in progress. Family houses will be ready to move in as early as April 2021!

1. 1. 2021

| Happy New Year |

Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness, and prosperity for you. Happy New Year.

3. 1. 2021

| Parking house in Benešov |

If you like to travel by train, you will certainly like to use the newly opened parking house in Benešov – right next to the railway station, from where there is a direct train connection to the center of Prague. Along with the parking house, a new bus terminal with modern technologies and a contemporary look was opened. More information can be found here.

18. 12. 2020

| Approved! |

We are pleased to announce that Green Village has been approved. Don’t miss the unique opportunity and look at the offer of houses.

15. 12. 2020

| Objevte zimu na Konopišti |

Pořiďte si pod stromeček nové bydlení pro Vaší rodinu. Cena od 8,5 mil. Kč včetně DPH.

Více na >>>

5. 10. 2020

| Stanislav Matuš ambassador of the Green Village |

The only player of the European Tour, Stanislav Matuš, became the ambassador of our project. Come and play in Konopiště with Standa and see the building that is nearing completion.

10. 9. 2020

| Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup 2020 |

We were the general partner of the Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup 2020 golf tournament, which took place at Golf & Spa resort Cihelny. On hole No. 9, Green Village project was on display, in which the construction of the first stage is nearing completion. Projects of the Palata Residence and Victoria Košíře were also presented.

19. 8. 2020

| Facades are being completed |

Work is currently underway to complete the facades, plumbing work and landscaping work in the outdoor areas. Within the interiors, plasters, heating distributions and floors are being completed. The next step will be the implementation of plasterboard ceilings.

4. 8. 2020

| Real-Treuhand was a partner of “Green Village Golf Day” tournament |

We were a partner of a golf tournament called Green Village Golf Day, which took place in the Golf & Spa resort Konopiště.

24. 6. 2020

| Laying the foundation stone of Green Village |

A Real-Treuhand and Travel Fever Cup 2020 golf tournament and  were held at the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone of the Green Village project. The tournament was played on the  course d´Este (par 72) and the participants of the tournament had an opportunity to view the growing Green Village. At the end of the tournament, the foundation stone was ceremoniously laid.

31. 5. 2020

| Completion of truss structures |

At the end of May, all houses of the 1st stage have completed truss construction, and further follow-up work continues intensively.

22. 4. 2020

| Golf courses open |

Golfing has started and the first truss structures can be seen in our project. Take a look at the photos from hole number 16 and 17 on the D´Este course (par 72).

26. 3. 2020

| Finishing of perimeter structures and ceilings |

Ongoing completion of perimeter structures and ceilings.

29. 1. 2020

| Masonry of perimeter structures |

Construction underway. Walling of peripheral structures is underway.

18. 12. 2019

| Construction of Green Village project continues |

Excavation and earthworks of all family houses, binding of reinforcement, concreting of foundation strips and foundation slabs are currently under construction.

25. 10. 2019

| Construction of Green Village has begun |

Construction of our new project Green Village in Konopiště has begun. The first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020.

6. 6. 2019

| Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup 2019 |

We were a general partner of the Real-Treuhand & Travel Fever Cup 2019 golf tournament, which took place at the Golf & Spa Resort Cihelny. We introduced our latest project Green Village of which model you could see in the clubhouse.

25. 5. 2019

| Real Treuhand General Partner of the British Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament |

Real Treuhand was the general partner of the British Chamber of Commerce golf tournament where the company introduced a new Green Village project.


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